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Smallmouth was formed in Toronto in January, 1994 by bassist Ron Kelly, guitar player John Macdonald and drummer Johnny LaRue. John and Ron met through mutual friends while LaRue arrived via a personal ad in a local weekly. The seeds were sown for a musical alliance that, by the spring of 1995 had seen the release of a full length cassette and a tour of eastern Canada with fellow Torontonians Pecola. In 1996 the band was joined by noise guru Uncle Henny-Penny on tape loops and samples. By the fall of that year they had recorded and released their full-length CD "all ports in frequent seas". It was hailed as "a fabulous record that plays with your aural cavities…."by James Keast of the national magazine Exclaim! The band followed this up with a tour of the eastern U.S. and Canadain shows with such bands as The For Carnation, Railroad Jerk, and Kerosene 454 among others. Smallmouth broke up in the spring of 1998. The members can often be found playing around Toronto with other bands or hanging out at Pecola shows.


1995 - s/t - full length cassette

1996 - "all ports in frequent seas" - full-length cd

1997 - NEW! split 7" with smallmouth/pecola - "satan exists in the groins of all those who walk the earth"/"weck"

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