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…. So the death of skull geek……what does that mean exactly!?…

……well, it goes something like this….

Once upon a time there was this guy named phil who started doing a fanzine called skull geek, which came after him being a writer for exclaim for awhile. Issue #! Of his zine came out around the end of 94, followed by #2 in mar 95, and #3 in sept 95, which also included the first issue of the indie guide to punk rock death zine featuring pecola. In jan 96 phil changed the name of his zine, and issue #4 of skull geek bible was released. Becoming more and more interested in putting ut music phil sparked up the skull geek record label and in april 96 had his first release out, pecola’s first 7" , which came wrapped in cool "ratboy" walsh comix. The skull geek’s first full length release, slowgun’s "wish I was" cd. Aug 96 saw the release of the label’s second full length cd, smallmouth’s "all ports in frequent seas". In jan 97 phil put out pecola’s 12" ep "dat hoang" . it was around this time that phil began feeling a little maxed out with things and decided to go on a bender. This lasted for a few months, eight weeks of which he reportedly spent as a towel boy down at a west end bath house. Hey, what’s the point of being cute if you don’t get paid for it. Anyway, in mar 97 phil, fueled by anger and frustration, courageously pulled shit together to release the long bemoaned, and what was to be the final, issue #6 of skull geek bible. In aug 97 secret agent’s ep "from conception to execution" was released, and this was to be the final release on the skull geek record label. Skull geek was to be no more. Phil killed it off, I guell because he wanted to….. …but with death comes life. Phil has re-energized and is now continuing the skull geek legacy with a new label, run with some guy named mark…and get this they call their label teenage USA recordings. What’s that all about?anyway, teenage USA recordings have already re-released pecola 12" and smallmouth’s full lenght. teenage USA ‘s third release, the pecola—smallmouth split 7", is now just out!!..and oh baby, it’s a zinger! Expect a number of new releases from teenage USA in the new year!

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