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teenage USA recordings - as of june/98


  To order any of the following send a cheque or money order to:

  teenage USA recordings
  689 Queen Street West, Box 91
  Toronto, Ontario
  M6J 1E6

  All prices include postage

  LONNIE JAMES "this land is your land" CD $10.00

  PECOLA "dat hoang" 12"  EP $7.00
  SMALLMOUTH "all ports in frequent seas" CD $10.00
  PECOLA/SMALLMOUTH split 7" $5.00
  SLOWGUN "wish I was" CD $12.00
  SECRET AGENT "from conception to execution" CD $10
  MEAN RED SPIDERS "places you call home" CD $10
  GAFFER "snow falls like stars" CD $10.00 
SOLARBABY  "the power of negative prayer" CD $10
CECIL SEASKULL "whoever" $10
  US orders - in US funds
  Foreign orders please add $4 per item in canadian funds or e-mail us for correct amount.

  distributed by: Sonic Unyon in Canada and Bottleneck, Ebullition, Southern, Surefire in the USA

  for the CHEAPEST PRICE always BUY DIRECT from teenage USA recordings