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"Jamie likes to scream alot"

"too complex to be hardcore, way too intelligent to be metal, and nowhere close to pop"

"their opening gig for Polvo last July at Lee's Palace personally scared the shit out of me"

"Pecola takes the sound of judgement day and brings it only slightly back from the brink, a welcome noisy punk rock warning to us all"

"I had a total ink hangover the next day. That stuff reeks."

"the band has yet to opt for the more convenient but poorer sounding CD format"

Members: Blind Willie Thompson (bass,vocals), Gideon(drums), Dog Fancy (guitar, vocals) Deep Throat Latrine(guitar)


S/T - 7" - wrapped in Rat Boy comic

"Dat Hoang" EP - 12 inch

split 7" pecola/smallmouth - "satan exists in the groins of all those who walk the earth"/"weck"

"The Mexican" CD (on Kosher Rock Records)


Pecola have thier new album out on KOSHER ROCK RECORDS - to go there click here:

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