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"The songs are kind of a cross between the Velvet Underground and Jonathan Richman, it's a bit jangly at points, silly and kind of psychedelic, but it rocks sometimes too!!" - Lonnie James

The name LONNIE JAMES is peppered throughout the annals of Canadian indie rock, having played with no less than thirty bands and on at least fourteen releases. With his first drum kit at the age of twelve LONNIE was to embark on a wild and wondrous ride that has seen him play with the likes of LIVING PROOF, CIRCUS LUPUS, NAUGAHYDE 5, the LAWN, YETI, the NILS, POSSUM and the SUPERFRIENDZ. Since '95 LONNIE has been performing solo shows, with a number of appearances at the anti-folk SIDEWALK CAFE in New Yorks' east village and regularly at the EL MOCAMBO'S TUNE SALOON night in Toronto. Upon seeing his acoustic set at the '96 Halifax On Music Festival, Sappy Records offered to release a LONNIE JAMES 7", which came out in the spring of '97. teenage USA recordings has just released LONNIE's debut CD "This Land is Your Land", with accompaniment by Jose Contreras of BY DIVINE RIGHT.

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