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Cecil's story is so old, it stands the test of time. Girl chucks winter tundra for a chance of warmer climate. Girl chucks old life for smile on boys' face. Girl chucks old odd dreams for new potentials and realities. But if you ask her, she'll tell you a different story every time.

Shedding the Nerdy Girl name, she emerged fully born as Cecil Seaskull. Without a permanent band, she played and still plays around Los Angeles by herself, extra large acoustic guitar in tow.

On the Hottest days of summer, Cecil Seaskull began her concept album "Whoever". Produced and engineered by Steve Kravac (MXPX), best known for his work at Westbeach Studios and a host of friends assisted her in completing the musical idea. It was difficult, and she was hungry. The friends who came to play, not only brought their musical talents and ideas, they often brought lunch or the occasional bag of groceries.

Things were further delayed by the demise of Cargo Canada and her breakup with longtime supporters No Life Records. But wanting only to finish what she had started. She persevered. She invited her friends to come in and play, each on one song. Cecil provided the skeleton, and her friends would add the flesh. Together a musical baby would be born. Made uniquely from the way each musician viewed the song and formed around their particular perception of their wee friend Cecil.

Friends who kicked in their talents and gifts include Tim Armstrong (Rancid), Melissa Auf Der Maur (Hole), Steve Carnan (Ten Foot Pole), Julie McGovern (Bite), Chaim Rubenstein (Rube), Kelli Scott (Failure), Jeff Stone (Best Kissers in the World), Rufus Wainwright and Jordan Zadzorzny (blinker the Star).

A Little History: Chucking the Nerdy Girl name, Cecil Seaskull, a small girl in stature, has been playing around Los Angeles electric guitar in tow. She has a squeaky high voice, like a sweet tart, but with a little bite and gravel underneath. Some nice things people have said about her: Chart Magazine said the songs are "one part rant, one part confession and one part exocism. AP said, "The vocalist is NG's key ingredient, with an amazingly strange, little girl like tone CMJ said, "Seaskull's voice is an amazingly expressive instrument...her voice strikes obliquely to the heart." Some things she has done: As Nerdy Girl she had 5 releases out,a self titled 10" EP on No Life and a 7 Inch "New Jersey" (Right Wide Records), "Dime Store Hussy" 7 inch and Twist Her CD(No Life/ Janken Pon) and a track on Japan's Motorway Records "In and out of Love" 7" series. She has toured the East Coast of the US and Canada. She has played at Canadian Music Week, NXNE, the Halifax Pop Explosion, CMJ, and SXSW. She has played with cool people like, Ben Lee, Lisa Germano, Mary Lou Lord, Sloan, Low, Versus, and Yo La Tengo. Her releases have charted on CMJ's top 200 and in Canada's Chart Magazine.

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